Eat to Live Week 2 Day 4

Yesterday I had a delicious dinner- Aimee’s homemade tomato-vegetable sauce with nicely seasoned cannellini beans over raw squash “noodles”.  It was delicious!  If those noodles are the only thing that we ever make with our spiral vegetable slicer, it will still be worth it! I never thought a raw zucchini could be something I’d end up craving! Aimee also made me an awesome smoothie in the afternoon with banana, orange & flax, and I also had a couple of bites of her experimental chia pudding last night.

I got to take a walk for about an hour with Aimee, Connor, and Tyson yesterday evening, and that was lovely.  But a hour long walk with a 2-year-old, a 12 lbs. dog and a pregnant lady does not a challenging workout make!  Today I had an appointment after work, so I was able to get in a 45-minute walk around downtown Northampton.  I know I need to amp up my exercise, but I am having a hard time figuring out timing and getting myself to start.  I did download a Couch to 5K program last night that has a zombie trainer, so that little bit of fun could be helpful!  My hope is to start the program tomorrow morning- I have already laid out my workout clothes, shoes, and earphones.  I would also love to try to get to yoga this weekend, perhaps to a Saturday morning class, or on Sunday night.

Yesterday my daily quote from the Dalai Lama was, “What I believe, according to my own experience, is that a calm, peaceful mind is a very important element for sustaining the body in a balanced way.”  I know that my meditation practice is essential to my overall health, and my success at losing weight- and yet I am also resisting getting started with this practice again.  I’m trying to wrap my head around why I resist what I know is so beneficial to me.  I think, in part, it is my fear of being quiet, and how that will feel.    I have been working on my mindfulness, things like chewing the 1/2 oz. of almonds I had for breakfast 20 times each, and savoring my herbal tea.

Today’s meals:

*Small banana and 1/2 oz. almonds for breakfast

*Big Ass Salad of spinach, mushrooms, and red onion with chickpeas and mixed fresh berries with a touch of raspberry balsamic for lunch (getting in my G-BOMBS- greens, beans, onions, mushrooms and berries- all in one go!)


*Homemade lentil vegetable soup with some nutritional yeast and a sprinkle of Rawmesean (which has salt in it, but one serving has next to no sodium, so I’m ok with that if it makes the soup THAT much better!)

Tonight I made a basic salsa and a corn salsa to have with black bean & rice bowls tomorrow night when my friend laurel comes over for dinner. I’m also going to experiment with a guacamole bean dip.  Yum!  Even though about an hour of work from prep through drying the dishes, it felt good to make my own salsa rather than buy it! photo

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