Whole 30 Day 1: Getting Back in the Flow

Today was Round 2 Day 1 of Whole30 for me.  It wasn’t a typical day for me because rather than heading to to work I stayed home with the kiddos because Micah had a job interview (fingers crossed!), and Aimee and Ian needed to work.  It was good t extend my long weekend so that I could get some rest- work has been stressful the past couple of months, and taking a mental break was really good for my head.

A tour through my day 1 food choices…


Breakfast was Connor’s leftover eggs (scrambled in Whole30 approved bacon fat) paired with leftover scrambled eggs with chard and ghee, topped with avocado, a few crushed cashews, and some Whole30 approved hot sauce.  Most bacon and hot sauce contain sugar or other verboten ingredients, and it was nice to already have these in our arsenal.

Apple Almond ButterTuna Salad

Lunch was an apple with no sugar added almond butter and a salad with avocado, curried tuna salad, and a splash of vinegar on top.  We had made some homemade curry mayo over the weekend, which made a yummy tuna salad!

Salsa Chicken photo2 (1)

Dinner was a mixed green salad topped with chicken thighs that had been slowcooking with salsa and green chili.  After dinner Aimee and I shared a Chocolate Coconut Larabar, which is one of my favorite indulgences.  Whole30 has this idea of not having Sex With Your Pants On (SWYPO), meaning not to “paleofy” allowed foods to replicate your bad habits.  Larabars are one of those things that falls in a grey zone- they are allowed, but caution is suggested.  My general rule for myself is, if it is something that we could (and would, and in some cases have!) make ourselves, then I allow it.  We have made our own bars from nuts and fruit before, and so I don’t feel bad buying them.  We’re four adults that work full time and we have two kids under the age of four… Making all our own food is just never going to happen.


Finally, in a fit of just having to get out of the house for a while, I investigated one of of local shops for compliant sausagey type things for Micah to have for lunches.

I also walked a brisk mile on the treadmill, and walk another mile with the family and while shopping, as well as completing my DDPYoga Energy workout.  We’re doing a mini 30 days of DDPY challenge in addition to our Whole30 adventures, because why not?

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me, where there are a lot of things that will tempt me off course. Wish me luck!


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