Day 250 Reflections

Today is day 250 of the year, and of my current journey to better health.  As of today, I have mindfully moved 404 miles, with 80 run and 325 walked.  Since January 1, I’ve lost 37.3 lbs at an average rate of 1.04 lbs/week.  It’s been slow, not always steady, but when I step back and think that I’m 50 lbs lighter than my heaviest, and am losing at a rate that is helping me readjust as my body gets smaller, I’m ok with the progress.  Of course I always want to see more instant feedback and gratification on the journey, but if there is anything I have learned, it’s that this is a slow, long term, in for the long haul sort of thing.

As of this afternoon I was 1.1 lbs away from my goal of reaching 189.9 lbs, a number that will bring me into a range I have not seen since college (I graduated in the low 200s, but got down to 190 a couple of years ago.) I have been flirting with reaching this goal since the end of July, but between work travel, vacation, and my own fear, I have yet to hit this mark.  With only 1.1 lbs to go as of today, I am determined to reach that weight soon.  In order to help myself do so, I’ve decided on my next weight target- 175.  This time, it’s not a goal with anything attached, it’s just a target to hit as the next milestone to reassess. I’ve found that it’s best to focus on the milestones I have the most power over, like exercise goals, rather than things like my weight which I can’t always directly control. With hormones and medications and patterns of loss/plateau, my weight loss has been all over the place.  Having goals that help me build consistency and good habits, like my 10,000 step challenge, are more where I want to focus.

Speaking of the 10,000 step challenge: I pledged to walk 10,00 steps a day or more for 30 days in a row, and I achieved my goal!  It felt excellent to set a small, achievable goal and nail it despite quite a few tough days where I scrambled to get to where I wanted to get.  I think I want to try to set more goals like this for myself, as I found it really motivating during a particularly stressful period.  Also meeting my 365 miles for the year goal during this time was awesome.  I still have my at least one mile a day for the year goal to achieve, as well.

I feel like I’m at a time of reevaluation right now.  I have both my FitBit and a new vivofit I’m trying out right now.  I would like to get back to food logging. I’m working on meditating more regularly, as well as writing (most private journals rather than blogging).  I want to get back to doing DDP Yoga, and running more often.  My life has been full of stress, and now it feels like some of it is abating, especially with the school year underswing and getting back to more regular patterns (and less travel!). Time to refocus and end the year on a high note!

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